About Our Community

Condos on Frame is situated on the edge of the City of Elliot Lake, backing onto forest that goes on seemingly forever; the area is dotted with lakes of all sizes which are accessible by multi-use trails. Just a short five minute walk out the back trail from the Northeast corner of Frame Crescent takes you to Angel Lake, and if you areso inclined you can saunter down and throw a line in on a lazy afternoon.

In the wilderness that surrounds us there are literally thousands of lakes and forests that provide countless opportunities for hiking, canoeing, kayaking, bird watching and world class fishing. Condos on Frame is comprised of 106 townhouses in rows of three to six units on a circle around a central garden, which is tended by our Garden Committee.

The background of the community on Frame Crescent is woven into the boom and bust history of Elliot Lake, the Uranium Capital of Canada. The site was originally built by Denison Mines Ltd. in 1979, a time when the mines of Elliot Lake flourished. After the closure of the last Denison Mine in 1992, the site began to deteriorate as the town itself suffered the pangs of losing its main industry and people began moving out in search of work.

At that time, much of the mine-built housing was being torn down; however, in 1994 the site was sold to a private developer who fixed it up, and in 1995 registered the site as Algoma Condominium Corporation Number 13. Although Condos on Frame was born from the ashes of the failing uranium industry, all that is now past and Condos on Frame has grown into a well-maintained mature community that is a joy to live in, with many long term residents.


The owners of Condos on Frame enjoy a number of events throughout the year, both within the complex and the City in general. From our annual summer BBQ and our community yard sale, to the local fishing derby, Winter Festival, local theatre, Arts on the Trail and Art Among Friends, to weekly craft shows on Saturdays in the summer and Christmas craft shows, there is always something to look forward to.

Some of the amenities Condos on Frame offers are maintenance of front yards, snow removal from individual parking as well as visitor parking spaces, and access to parking for recreational vehicles at the back of the property. We also have a maintenance man residing in the complex who is immediately available for emergency situations.

The community of Elliot Lake has an excellent local public transit system. Bus service is provided throughout the city at very reasonable prices. Ninety-five percent of Elliot Lake’s residents are within 5 minutes walking distance of a bus stop. There is a bus stop with shelter right at the entrance to Condos on Frame. For more information about the City of Elliot Lake, please visit their website at www.cityofelliotlake.com.